Workers Need Rights

Over the summer I’ve highlighted a number of issues where workers have been hit hard by businesses leaving them high & dry – and where action is needed to tackle these problems. In July I raised the issues coming out of the cancelled Green Day concert at Bellahouston Park.  Hundreds of workers have been left out of pocket after concert promoters pulled the plug at the very last minute, citing “adverse weather”.  That’s scant consolation to people who lost a full day’s pay at zero notice, some of whom were stuck...
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Emmeline Pankhurt Maquettes

Last week I had the opportunity to see the different interpretations of Emmeline Pankhurst’s extraordinary life immortalised in the maquettes in a display in Parliament. It was a fantastic reminder of the immense contribution she made to the campaign for women’s suffrage, and to the society we see today. I wish all the sculptors the best of luck and look forward to seeing the winner built in 2019
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