Help with Finances

Help with Finances

There are many sources of help and advice if you are having financial difficulties or just want to go over your current arrangements.  The local services in the constituency are first-rate and each provides a variety of services to the community.  There are also excellent regional and national support services that can help.  The most important thing is not to wait until the bills are piling up – get advice as soon as possible and speak to the experts.

Pollok Citizens Advice Bureau

cab logoPollok Civic Realm, 27 Cowglen Road, Glasgow, G53 6EW

Tel: 0141 881 2462

Opening Hours: Monday 0900 – 1230 (appointments only) & 1300 – 1700 (specialist appointments only); Tuesday 0900 – 1700 (drop in) & 1700 – 1900 (appointments only); Wednesday 0900 – 1300 (appointments only) & 1400 – 1700 (drop-in); Thursday 0900 – 1700 (drop-in); Friday 0900 – 1400 (appointments only) & 1400 – 1700 (specialist appointments only); Saturday (2nd Saturday of the month) 1000 – 1230 (appointments only).

The Bureau offers a limited home visiting service for residents of Greater Pollok who are disabled, elderly or have carer responsibilities. Please telephone 0141 876 4401 if you think you meet the criteria and require a home visit.

Citizens Advice Bureaux are local, independent charities that provide free and confidential advice and information whoever you are and whatever your circumstances.  Common areas of inquiry include: benefits, debt and money advice, consumer issues, work-related problems, housing, and relationships.  More than three quarters of bureau staff in Scotland are volunteers and give their time and skills for free.

glclogoGovan Law Centre

18-20 Orkney St, Glasgow, G51 2BZ

Tel: 0141 440 2503

Call to make an appointment: Mon – Thurs 0900 – 1230 & 1330 – 1700; Friday 0900 – 1230 & 1330 – 1600.

Govan Law Centre is a free legal resource, with the main office at Orkney Street Enterprise Centre in Govan.  They provide expert advice, court and tribunal representation in Scotland.

moneymatterswebcoukf8027Money Matters

Unit 1, 18 – 20 Orkney Street, Glasgow, G51 2BX

Tel: 0141 445 5221

Money Matters offer advice and representation on: benefit checks & entitlement, tribunal hearings, energy advice, grant applications, benefit appeals etc.  They offer advice in languages other than English including Urdu, Punjabi, Polish, Russian, Slovak, and German.  Money Matters also offer a free financial health check-up and advice on energy awareness and efficiency.

Scotland’s Financial Health Servicelogo-scot-gov

Tel: 0800 707 6696

This is a website & helpline that can signpost you to the most appropriate area of support, ranging from debt solutions, borrowing, managing your money, or general welfare concerns.  They do not provide advice directly to you.

National Debtline logo

National Debtline

Tel: 0800 808 4000

National Debtline is a debt advice charity run by the Money Advice Trust.  They are a free confidential debt advice service for people and have helped million of people deal with their debts.  They have a team of debt advisers who can help you to take control of your debts.  They have a variety of guides, fact sheets, budgeting tools, and sample letter to help you write to your creditors.  They also have a webchat service which you can access through their website.


Stepchangestepchange logo

Tel Freephone: 0800 138 1111

Stepchange provide advice if you are struggling with debts.  They can advise and help with Debt Arrangement Schemes (DAS) that can help you repay your debts over a realistic period of time.  If you have debts and feel unable to cope, get in touch with them via website or call their freephone helpline on 0800 138 1111.


Money Advice Service

Tel freephone: 0800 138 7777

The Money Advice Service helps people manage their money.  They do this directly through their own free and impartial advice service.  They work in partnership with other organisations to help people make the most of their money.  They are an independent service, set up by the UK Government.  MAS is set up on a statutory basis under legislation.  You can get advice and signposting by going via their website, or calling their freephone helpline 0800 138 7777.


pcu_logoPollok Credit Union

Silverburn Shopping Centre, 763 Barrhead Road, G53 6QR

Tel: 0141 881 8731

Pollok Credit Union is a local community based savings and loans organisation, owned by their members.  Anyone resident in the ‘G’ postcode can apply to join.  Pollok CU offers savings accounts, loans, prepaid Visa cards, online accounts and more.  All members between 16 and 80 years old receive free loan protection and savings insurance as part of their membership.  They also work in conjunction with selected housing associations.

Glasgow Credit Uniongcu logo

95 Morrison Street, G5 8BE

Tel: 0141 274 9933

Glasgow Credit Union is the largest and most successful credit union in the UK.  They offer loans, savings, and mortgages to people who live or work within the Greater Glasgow ‘G’ postcode area.  GCU is owned by its members, and every member has an equal say on matters affecting the credit union – via voting at the Annual General Meeting – and the Board of Directors are elected by the membership.

Greater Govan Credit Unionggcu credit union

15 Burleigh Street, G51 3LA

Tel: 0141 440 2770

Also at: 1113 Pollokshaws Road, G41 3YH, tel: 0141 636 8670 and 427 Gartloch Road, G33 3TH, tel: 0141 774 4123

Greater Govan Credit Union are a financial co-operative owned and managed by our members.  Anyone wanting to use our services must join the GGCU and therefore become a member.  They aim to encourage saving, offer free financial advice to their members and promote sensible borrowing with low interest loans.

On becoming a member of Greater Govan Credit Union you are agreeing to save at regular intervals i.e. weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly. You can save as little or as much as you like, your savings are called Shares and each share is worth £1. All members’ savings are pooled together in the one big pot and from this they provide Low Cost Loans to members, who pay back into the pot to allow other members to borrow, and so on. GGCU is a Not For Profit Organisation which means that any money left, after all the running costs are met, is paid back to the members in the form of a Dividend.  A dividend would be expressed as a % of your Shares and would normally be declared by the Board of Directors on the advice of the independent accountant who must annually audit the accounts of the credit union.

GGCU offer savings accounts, loans, foreign exchange services, online banking, and junior accounts.  Drop in to one of their offices or visit their website to join up.

Penilee Credit Union

2135 Paisley Road West, G52 3JL

Tel: 0141 891 8600

Penilee Credit Union offer savings and loans service to anyone who lives or works in G51, G52, or G53 postcode areas.  The Union is a volunteer-led organisation, with a Board of Directors accountable to the members, ensuring they are community-based and led.  To join and open a savings account, visit their website or stop by their office on Paisley Road West.


Financial Ombudsman Service

Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR

Tel: 08000 234567

The Financial Ombudsman Service are there to help sort out your problems with financial services, such as: bank accounts, credit/debit cards, PPI, insurance, loans, car finance, mortgages, financial advice, and pensions, to name some.  If after complaining to the business in question you are unhappy with their response, you can contact the Ombudsman to take matters further.